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4 Cosmetic Red Flags that Will Send Prospective Homebuyers Running

When you are selling a home, you cannot leave anything to chance. If you want to get good offers, you have to know what people want. You also want to know what could discourage them from buying. Some people may be tempted by the idea of selling their home as-is, but there are many cases when making changes will not only allow you to increase the value of the home but sell it much faster as well. Let’s take a look at a few cosmetic red flags that could scare potential buyers away.

Cracks Near the Foundation

Any foundation issue will usually drive the price of your home way down, if not make it unsaleable. So, if you have any visible signs of cracking near the foundation, expect anyone who notices to think twice. Even if they don’t notice it, it will come back during the inspection. However, while in most cases we would advocate for a repair, it may be a better idea to sell the house as is depending on the cost.

What you should do is get a bid from a few licensed contractors. You will then be able to see if you can get it repaired at a reasonable price. Repairing a foundation can cost up to $50,000, so there’s no point in repairing it if you can’t get a return. Also, know that it won’t be much of a selling point. As a matter of fact, it might be a better idea to not disclose that there has been work done on the foundation.

Broken Siding

Another thing that will get people’s attention is if you have issues with your siding. You might not notice them, but someone who’s savvy will. If they notice issues there, they might become wary of what other issues the house may have. So, before you sell, we suggest you read the following article – 5 Signs of Damage To Your Siding. This will give you a better idea of what to look for and what the proper course of action should be.

Outdated Kitchen

If you have an old, outdated kitchen with drab colors and poor cabinetry, many buyers will automatically be repulsed by it. The kitchen is a make-or-break room in many sales. They might love the house, but if they hate the kitchen, you can pretty much kiss that sale goodbye.

So, it would be a good idea to at least consider changing the color, the cabinetry, and adding a few modern elements. Stripping things down is also a good idea. It might be a great idea, for homeowners from Florida, to hire a cleaning contractor that will take care of finishing touches, as the florida maids. The simpler it is, the more they’ll be able to imagine building the space to their liking.

Poorly Maintained Landscaping

If you have a wilted lawn and weeds poking out everywhere, this will be an automatic red flag to many people. This is another sign of someone who may not care about their home. The worst thing here is that it is something that could be fixed so easily. So, make sure that you fix any issue that you can and have the rest handled by a team.

These are all things that could scare away potential homebuyers. Consider making some of these repairs but don’t rush into anything until you’re sure you’ll get a return upon sale.

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