Architectural Elegance: Building Designs Inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones-Inspired Color Schemes

For enthusiasts of the legendary Game of Thrones series, drawing inspiration from its rich tapestry of lore and landscape is only natural. Perhaps you’ve delved deep into Westerosi culture, or even picked a House emblem to proudly display. Now, imagine translating that passion into the architectural design of your home. The majestic hues from the series can seamlessly blend with contemporary design elements, especially when balanced with understated neutrals, elevating your space to a realm worthy of kings and queens.

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High Honor Color Palette

Regal Estates: The Essence of High Honor

The “High Honor” color scheme epitomizes both power and time-honored elegance. Drawing from the profound gray of Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal combined with the classic Washington Blue, this palette exudes sophistication. When balanced with cozy neutrals, it becomes the ideal choice for communal spaces like living rooms or entertainment areas, where a commanding yet refined ambience is desired.

Northern Elegance: Castle Designs from the North

The “North Castle” color scheme encapsulates the stark beauty and contrast of the northern terrains. Infused with the vivacious Sherwin-Williams Real Red for a burst of vitality, this palette is the essence of dramatic flair. When you’re aiming for a bold statement in contemporary settings, consider the deep allure of Black Swan to amplify the contrast. Spaces like a living room or home office would beautifully benefit from the dynamic juxtapositions present in the North Castle palette.

Royal Retreats: The Seventh Stag Blueprint

The Seventh Stag palette exudes a potent presence, yet its versatility allows it to grace both interiors and exteriors with equal grandeur. Not limited to just indoor spaces, its deep tones can set an arresting tone for building exteriors as well.

Perfectly suited for spaces adorned with large windows or striking architectural details such as stone fireplaces and beamed ceilings, Seventh Stag accentuates their beauty. To simulate the boldness of such features, consider utilizing commanding hues like Benjamin Moore’s captivating Ebony Slate or the lustrous Tapestry Gold. Whether as an accent wall or a freshly painted fireplace, these colors will imbue any space with regal splendor.

Nature’s Fortress: Designs with a Strong Foundation

While many palettes revel in their audacity, “Strong by Nature” gracefully treads a gentler path. Yet, don’t mistake its subtlety for weakness. The rich depth of Valspar’s Honeysuckle Rose and Belle Grove Light Amber lend it a fortitude that’s unmistakably nature-inspired. This palette is an idyllic fit for spaces like bedrooms or kitchens, or any room yearning for a touch of nature’s vibrant elegance.

Ironclad Aesthetics: The Iron Hand Blueprint

The “Iron Hand” palette demands its presence be felt. While rooted in commanding shades, the juxtaposition of Behr’s Deep Aubergine and Yellow Corn infuses life and vigor into the mix. Elements like a stone fireplace or neutral gray countertops can be the ideal mediums to channel the palette’s subtle gray undertones. Whether you’re envisioning a grand dining ambiance or an imposing exterior facade, Iron Hand stands as a testament to dramatic artistry.

Lion’s Den: Crafting Resplendent Homes with Pride

“Respect the Lion” encapsulates the essence of the noble lion through the commanding presence of Behr’s Regal Red. While the palette embraces softer shades, they hold their own against the intensity of the deep red. Ideal venues for this audacious palette would be communal areas like living rooms or basements. Yet, its versatility shines when applied to exteriors, with colors like Windsor Moss or Glow setting the dominant tone, reflecting grandeur and pride.

Riverfront Residences: Deep Rivers Design Inspiration

The “Deep Rivers” palette embodies tranquility married to inherent robustness. It masterfully melds the depth of sumptuous blues with serene stone-gray neutrals, striking a harmonious equilibrium. Through the cooling embrace of Sherwin-Williams’ Timid Blue paired with the mellow touch of Roycroft Mist Gray, this palette mirrors the gentle flow of a meandering river. Perfect for creating a restful ambiance, it’s a prime choice for spaces like bedrooms or home offices, where calm reigns supreme.

Sundrenched Sanctuaries: From Dawn to Dusk Designs

The “Into the Sun” palette radiates warmth in its every hue. While it possesses a gentle undertone, the vibrant zeal of Valspar’s Sunglow combined with the lively spirit of La Fonda Spice infuses spaces with a luminous glow. Ideal for areas yearning for an infusion of light and cozy warmth, this scheme brings the sun’s embrace indoors.

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