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TOP 10 Best Mini Trampoline Review And Guides 2021

best mini trampoline

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for mini tramoline:

  1. Little Tikes 36-inch Trampoline
  2. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline
  3. Stamina Folding Trampoline
  4. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline
  5. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline
  6. ATIVAFIT Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder
  7. Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer
  8. Avenor Store Toddler Trampoline
  9. WV Wonder View Mini Trampoline
  10. CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline

Do you like trampolines? Are you lacking the space or desire for a traditionally large trampoline? Then you should try the best mini-trampoline.

Mini trampolines are also called mini trampoline rebounders. They can be used as a fitness tool or as a toy for children. This is why you will see products specifically for kids or for adults. To get the most for your money, you need to purchase the best product you can find.

That is where this article helps. In it, we will tell you all about mini-trampolines for both kids and adults. We also provide everything you need to choose the top product available. So, keep reading. We have all the answers you need for a great mini trampoline purchase.

What is the best mini trampoline?

Trampolines of any size can be extremely fun to use. They are a great way to exercise and burn off some steam. You just need to make sure you have purchased the correct product. Thankfully, the top rebounders have some similar features.

Trampolines are also notorious. Many people, especially children, have gotten hurt on trampolines. Most of these injuries occurred in the larger trampolines. Still, it is important to purchase a mini trampoline with good safety features. A mini trampoline with a handle or net could help keep you from falling off.

Another important feature of the top mini trampolines is its durability. You should be able to jump thousands and thousands of times before the product wears out. This is especially important in mini trampolines for heavy adults. Make sure that you purchase a mini trampoline that holds your weight safely. It should also be made of durable materials and include reinforcements that ensure it will last a long time.

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Features to look for when buying a mini trampoline

Ready to look for your next mini trampoline? If yes, you need to consider the following features.

For Kids or Adults

As we’ve already mentioned. Mini trampolines can be for kids or adults. You must purchase the correct type. Often the difference will be in the sturdiness of the design and the weight limit. Mini trampolines for kids typically have a much smaller weight limit than adult versions.

A mini trampoline with handle for adults will also be designed with fitness in mind. It will be a type of fitness gear mini-trampoline. You can incorporate mini trampoline exercises for weight loss into your daily routine.

Mini trampolines for kids are designed for fun. They will be brightly colored and have fun designs. Adult mini trampolines, on the other hand, will have a more streamlined design and color scheme.

Handle (stabilizer bar)

Many mini trampolines for both kids and adults come with a handle. The handle may also be called a stabilizer bar. You or your children hold onto the bar while jumping.

Mini trampolines with handles are safer. They provide stability as you jump. The risk of jumping off the mini trampoline is much less. As most of the trampoline injuries occur because of falling off the trampoline, this is an important feature.

Another reason to consider a mini trampoline with handle is fitness. Exercises using a rebounder will often incorporate the use of the handle. Therefore, it can be a tool for an even better workout


The size of your mini trampoline will also be important. Size in trampolines refers to their diameter. Don’t worry we won’t be getting into a math lesson. As a reminder, the diameter is the line that you can draw across a circle. All mini trampolines are circles. Diameter is a great way to compare the sizes of each product.

Mini trampolines for seniors and other adults will be between 38-40 inches. Mini trampolines for kids are often 36 inches in diameter.

You will need to purchase a rebounder that is large enough for you to jump on alone. You should be able to jump from side to side slightly without jumping off. This distance ensures that there is enough room for you to exercise and compensate for any off jumps. Similarly, make sure your kids have enough space on their mini trampolines to jump safely.


Like any product, a mini trampoline will weigh something. The weight of the rebounder is determined by the materials. Steel and other metals are heavy. These materials will create a mini rebounder that is on the heavier side. Plastic mini trampolines for kids will be much lighter.

The weight of the rebounder is important. It will determine how easy it is to move the product around. Mini trampolines are great because they are portable. Make sure you purchase a product that you can move easily.

Max Load

Max load is different than weight. Max load describes the amount of weight that the rebounder can safely hold. Mini trampolines for kids will have a much smaller max load than products for adults.

Pay attention to the max load number. Most manufacturers will include this information. It is crucial for telling you if the mini trampoline you like is appropriate for you. Only purchase a product that will safely hold your weight.

Most mini trampoline rebounders for adults will hold 300-500 pounds. You should not have a problem finding one that will work. Yet, if you purchase a rebounder that does not fit your weight, you could do damage to the frame or springs. That is why this is such a crucial feature to keep in mind.

Top 10 Mini Trampoline—Comparison table

scmtbl-table__image #1 Editor’s Choice#1 Editor’s Choice Little Tikes 36-inch Trampoline
  • Max Load: 55 lbs.
  • Extras: Handle Bar
  • Size: 36-inches
  • Weight: 13.97 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #2Our Rating: #2 Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline
  • Max Load: Unknown
  • Extras: Enclosure Net
  • Size: 40, 48, or 60-inches
  • Weight: 18.08 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #3Our Rating: #3 Stamina Folding Trampoline
  • Max Load: 250 lbs.
  • Extras: None
  • Size: 36-inches
  • Weight: 0.14 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #4Our Rating: #4 BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline
  • Max Load: 300 lbs.
  • Extras: Safety PVC Pad
  • Size: 38-inches
  • Weight: 14.77 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #5Our Rating: #5 BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline
  • Max Load: 330 lbs.
  • Extras: Adjustable Foam Handle
  • Size: 40-inches
  • Weight: 28.05 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #6Our Rating: #6 ATIVAFIT Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder
  • Max Load: Unknown
  • Extras: Safety Padded Cover and Handle
  • Size: 36-inches
  • Weight: Unknown
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #7Our Rating: #7 Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer
  • Max Load: 250 lbs.
  • Extras: Handle
  • Size: 40-inches
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #8Our Rating: #8 Avenor Store Toddler Trampoline
  • Max Load: 150 lbs.
  • Extras: Safety Padded Cover and Handle
  • Size: 36-inches
  • Weight: 17.45 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #9Our Rating: #9 WV Wonder View Mini Trampoline
  • Max Load: Unknown
  • Extras: Adjustable Foam Handle
  • Size: 40-inches
  • Weight: Unknown
scmtbl-table__image Our Rating: #10Our Rating: #10 CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline
  • Max Load: 500 lbs.
  • Extras: Adjustable Foam Handle
  • Size: 40-inches
  • Weight: 20.4 lbs.

Top 10 Best Mini Trampoline—Reviews

1. Little Tikes 36-inch Trampoline

The Little Tikes 36-inch Trampoline is perfect for the little one in your life. It has a 36-inch jumping surface that is surrounded by a plush spring cover. The handle is curved and sturdy for stability.

This mini trampoline for kids is recommended for ages three to size. It does not have a high weight limit. And, the handle is only 26.25 inches from the jumping surface. Little Tikes has clearly designed their mini trampoline specifically with little kids in mind.

You should only use the 36-inch Trampoline inside. It also needs to be assembled and does not fold. However, the plastic and metal construction increases its durability. Your little one can jump to their heart’s content on this ultra-safe mini trampoline.

2. Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline

Another great mini trampoline for kids is the Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline. This product is all about safety and choices. We recommend the blue product with the included enclosure net. You can, however, choose from a variety of other colors and styles. You can also choose from three sizes. There are 40, 48, and 60-inch sizes in each color.

Safety is an important pro of the Skywalker Mini Trampoline. This rebounder is completely enclosed. The enclosure has a stability handle all around the enclosure. The polyethylene netting on the enclosure is designed to keep your child’s fingers and toes safe as they jump. There is no risk of serious injury when you purchase the Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline.

3. Stamina Folding Trampoline

Our first choice for a mini trampoline for adults is the Stamina Folding Trampoline. This product is 36-inches. It does not provide a huge surface for you to jump on. However, it should still allow you to get a good workout in. It is also extremely affordable.

The Stamina Folding Trampoline is completely portable and storable. It easily folds down into a convenient package. Yet, it is sturdy enough to facilitate many other exercises. The thirty tension bands provide a good spring. And, the safety pad keeps you safe. Overall, this is a solid, affordable, and durable mini trampoline rebounder.

4. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

The first of two BCAN trampolines on this list is the Foldable Mini Trampoline. This version of the BCAN mini trampoline for adults is 38-inches. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a highly versatile rebounder.

The BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline is completely foldable and lightweight. It is easy to move anywhere you need to exercise. It only holds up to three hundred pounds, however. This is not an ideal mini trampoline for heavy adults.

BCAN has designed their Foldable Mini Trampoline to be waterproof and anti-slid. That is why it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The 360-degree pad completely covers the steel springs. This ensures you stay safe as you jump.

5. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

The other great BCAN mini trampoline rebounder is the 40-inch Foldable Mini Trampoline. This is also an indoor/outdoor rebounder. It has a max load of 330 pounds, which is slightly higher than the other BCAN product. It is also foldable. The storage options along make this a great choice for adults and kids.

The thick steel springs are extremely durable on the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline. The springs can be completely covered by the safety pad. The anti-slid steel legs ensure that the mini trampoline stays in place as you exercise. Also, the PP mat has an anti-skid surface. Finally, there is an included adjustable foam handle. You will never have to fear for your safety when you use the BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline.

6. ATIVAFIT Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder

ATIVAFIT’s Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder is designed for use by older kids. It has a 36-inch diameter. ATIVAFIT claims that you can fit two kids on their product. However, we would recommend keeping it to one kid at a time for safety reasons.

The ATIVAFIT Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder comes with everything you need to put the product together. It even has a padded cover and safety handrail. Because this product is for children, it comes in five different colors. There are no size options for this product.

ATIVAFIT’s mini trampoline is extremely multi-functional. It can be used indoor and outdoor. It is also a great way to work on gross motor skills with your child in a fun way.

7. Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer

Marcy has designed its Trampoline Cardio Trainer with fitness in mind. It is a compact and lightweight mini trampoline. This product folds as well, increasing its portability. Yet, the compact, 40-inch diameter, makes it fairly easy to store the rebounder in a home gym or closet.

The Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer has a max weight limit of only 250 pounds. It does, however, come with a large stability handle. This allows you to take your mini trampoline exercises to the next level.

This mini trampoline also has good safety features. It comes with eight steel legs. There is a safety pad that fits over the springs. And, at 21 pounds you will not struggle to move it all over your home and yard.

8. Avenor Store Toddler Trampoline

The final mini trampoline for kids on our list is the Avenor Store Toddler Trampoline. Because experts do not recommend that toddlers use full-sized trampolines, this product gives them one of their own.

The Toddler Trampoline has a 36-inch diameter. It can be used indoors and outdoors. There are also plenty of features to keep your children safe. These include a safety padded cover over the springs, sturdy frame, and handle.

When your toddler uses the Toddler Trampoline, you will not be annoyed either. The legs are anti-vibrate and the springs do not make much noise. Overall, this is a very enjoyable mini trampoline for your little one and you.

9. WV Wonder View Mini Trampoline

A nice, small mini trampoline for adults is the WV Wonder View Mini Trampoline. It has a 40-inch diameter, but a 32-inch jumping surface. This makes it perfect for older kids or smaller adults.

There is also a unique handle with the Mini Trampoline. Instead of extending over the entire diameter of the product, it just comes up on one side. That is great because the handle does not take up that much room.

There is no safety pad over the springs on the WV Wonder View Mini Trampoline. The jumping surface is anti-slip and waterproof, though. This is a great product, but we do not recommend it for beginners.

10.  CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline

The final product on our list is the CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline. This product is forty inches. What really sets it apart is its weight limit. It will hold up to 500 pounds. That kind of stability and durability is truly astounding.

At 40-inches, the CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline can hold a couple of people. It is also indoor and outdoor-friendly. The foam handle is adjustable. There are five different heights available. The high strength steel frame is extremely sturdy. Plus, there is an included safety spring pad. For a foldable and strong mini trampoline rebounder, you need to try the CLORIS Foldable Mini Trampoline.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Mini Trampoline for exercise

Exercising on a mini trampoline is a great way to get in a good workout. There are a number of health benefits to using a rebounder for exercise. These include increased flexibility and range of motion. A good mini trampoline rebounder will also increase your core strength. It is a lower impact than running or jump roping as well. This makes mini trampolines a great choice for seniors or heavy adults.

Here are the best ways to exercise with a mini trampoline.

  1. When you begin using the mini trampoline keep your sessions to ten minutes. Jumping on a rebounder is harder than it looks. Keep sessions to ten minutes at first to keep the stress off your body.
  2. HIIT style workouts lend themselves to a mini trampoline. Rebounders work great for HIIT workouts. Jumping exercises are a perfect high-intensity exercise. Basic bouncing is good for the recovery low-intensity exercise.
  3. Remember that you can also use a mini trampoline rebounder for other exercises. Ab exercises, dips, and push up can all be done on the right product. If you are interested in these extra uses of your mini trampoline, do your research. You will need a more stable and durable product that is specially made.


Below you will find the answers to your most pressing mini trampoline rebounder questions.

-Does a mini trampoline give you a good workout?

As mentioned in our tips and tricks section above, the answer is yes. Rebounders are a great way for adults and children to get some exercise.

Mini trampolines are extremely fun. They provide an incentive for exercise because you like to do it. That means that you get more benefits because you are exercising more. The more consistently you exercise, the better your results.

Plus, mini trampoline rebounders are a great cardio workout. They provide the cardio without the stress on your joints, though. That is why they are good options for those who are out of shape or have other physical limitations.

-Can my child use an adult mini trampoline?

Yes, but there are caveats. Also, the opposite is typically not true. You will not be able to use a mini trampoline for kids. There will just not be enough weight capacity to hold you.

Older school-age children will not struggle to use a mini trampoline with handle for adults. Just make sure that they follow all safety rules. Little ones should be given their own mini trampoline. Experts recommend that babies and toddlers not use adult trampolines because of the risk of brain damage. Stick to toddler-oriented products until they get a little older.

-Pros and Cons of a mini trampoline.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase a mini trampoline. Most importantly, they are fun. You and your kids will also get a great workout out of them. Additionally, they provide a great outlet for extra energy.

A final reason to consider a rebounder is the price. Mini trampolines really aren’t that expensive. In relation to their larger cousins, mini trampolines are quite affordable. This ensures that anyone can reap the benefits of the mini trampoline.

With the good comes the bad. There are a few drawbacks to consider before purchasing a mini trampoline. Trampolines of all sizes can cause injuries. Thankfully, the risk of serious injury goes down with a rebounder.

Mini trampoline exercises for weight loss also occur in a very limited space. This can cause you to fall off the product if there is not handle. Another problem that arises with limited space is an ineffective and monotonous workout. There are a limited number of movements that can be performed on a mini trampoline.

If the cons sound like issues you can live with, then a mini trampoline rebounder may be for you. Now it’s time to choose one of the ten products reviewed above.


You are ready to begin your mini trampoline journey. You’ve click here article, determined the most important features, and thought about the pros and cons. We’ve provided all the information you need to find the best mini trampoline around. Just use this article as a guide and get shopping. You will love how a mini trampoline changes your life. We guarantee it.

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