Best Garden Hose

Best Garden Hose

Gardens are becoming increasingly popular among all folk as it serves as a means of beautification.

Using a garden hose to water the grass still serves as the easiest form of garden maintenance. However, this could turn out to be quite challenging if the right tool is not used.

Falling victim to unexpected leaks and splits of lower grade hoses in the midst of a big project is never a nice experience and getting the best garden hose available ensures you never experience such again.

But really, how can you tell a low-grade hose from a high-quality one with the myriad garden hoses that are out there on the market? Especially if this is your first time buying a garden hose.

You don’t have to worry though; this article helps make the choice way simpler. In this article, you will not only find a list of the best garden hoses, but also get to know things about garden hoses in general, aimed at helping you know what to look out for when buying the garden hose.

If you’re in a hurry, you may treat yourself to this comprehensive comparison table.

The comparison table below ranks the eight best garden hoses, based on the type, material, diameter and length, customer reviews, functionality and the garden hose best price range.

TOP 7 Best Garden Hose On The Market 2021


​Our Rating








Editor Choice

Proprietary flexible hybrid polymer

Best choice for most needs

5/8 – inch and 3/4 – inch

3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 foot lengths

4.5 / 5

Craftsman Premium Rubber


Rubber vinyl compound

Best heavy duty choice

5/8 – inch

25, 50, 100 feet lengths

4.5 / 5

WaterRight 400 Series


NSF and FDA- drinking safe polyurethane

Best for small spaces

5/8 – inch and 7/16 – inch

25, 50, 75, 100 foot lengths

4.3 / 5

Hoselink Retractable with Hose Reel


​PVC and Polypropylene

Best all in one

9/16 – inch

82 feet length

4.5 / 5

Melnor Flat


PVC, ABS plastic and Polyester

Best soaker

3/4 – inch

25, 50, 75 feet length

4 / 5

Gilmor Vinyl


Recycled Plastics

Soaker and Sprinklers

5/8 – inch

50 feet length

3.5 / 5

Forever Steel Garden Hose



Expandable hose

5/8 – inch

25 feet length

4 / 5

TOP 7 Best Garden Hose Reviews

  1    Flexilla Garden Hose

By no means is any garden hose kink-free, but the Flexilla has a high garden hose kink rating. The manufacturer, from the city of Taiwan, makes effective use of the proprietary flexible hybrid polymer to eliminate any form of kinking when the hose is filled.

The Flexilla garden hose does not try to retail its coil shape. Instead, it stays flat, exactly the way you need it to be.

According to the manufacturer, the hose is lead-free, which makes it safe for drinking. Its ability to withstand hot temperatures also adds to its versatile functionality.

It is capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 to 150oF. The model comes in a variety of lengths, including 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 feet, and comes with a standard 5/8 inch diameter.

The Flexilla also comes with a limited warranty, and is easily the longest single garden hose you can buy. The only notable con about the Flexilla is the ease at which dirt appears on its bright chartreuse green color.


  • Almost never kinks
  • Certified as being safe to drink from
  • Withstands a huge range of temperature
  • Very flexible


  • Shows dirt and stains quickly

  2    Craftsman Premium Rubber

The Craftsman premium rubber garden hoses are as tough and versatile as they come. It is mostly selected for light commercial applications like washing a car or mixing cement.

Made from a rubber vinyl compound, the Craftsman Premium can withstand high pressures and temperatures ranging from -25 to 160oF. However, as pointed out in the label by the manufacturer, it’s not safe to drink from because of the brass used as the coupling material.

A lot of experts testify strongly to the durability of this hose, with numerous owners admitting that the hose remained in perfect working condition even after accidentally running over it with their cars.

The Craftsman Premium Rubber comes in a standard 5/8 inch diameter, with 25, 50 and 100 feet lengths. however, the rough plain black colored texture of the garden hose pipe makes it quite uncomfortable to use.

It’s a good garden hose for hot water use, and also one of the few garden hose with lifetime warranty


  • An unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Very versatile
  • Strong rubber material makes it very durable
  • Can withstand high temperature and pressure

●Dangerous to drink from
●Texture makes it uncomfortable to use
  3    Water Right 400 Series

Regarded as the best garden hose for small spaces, the Water Right series is a really light and flexible hose. In fact, it is light enough that it could be jacked about without generating kink.

It’s said to be easy to wiggle around between plants and objects for easier use, and in cases where it eventually kinks, it can be corrected easily.

It’s made of NSF and FDA certified drinking safe Polyurethane, making it safe to drink from if the need arises. The garden hose diameter is 7/16 inch, which further highlights its lightweight.

The Water Right series hose is available in 25, 50, 75 and 100 feet lengths. And for heavy-duty jobs, there are heavier models with bigger diameters. A 30-day money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers and a limited 5-year warranty also comes with this product.


  • Very light and flexible
  • Easy to access and maneuver
  • Certified to be safe to drink from
  • The model comes in a wide range of length
  • Very easy to correct when it kinks

● Warranty is limited
  4    Hoselink Retractable With Hose Reel

This garden hose bills itself as the complete watering system and it, by all means, lives up to that billing. The Hoselink Retractable is a setup that consists of a 9/16 inch diameter, an 82 feet hose a remarkable seven function nozzle and an additional 6.5 feet leader hose.

The length has also been praised for being a nice alternative for many owners who need more than 50-foot long hose but not up to a 100 feet in length.

The Hoselink is meant to be mounted on a wall, and it also has a new technology that makes it lock in place when you stop moving. This ensures you don’t keep pulling on to the hose when using it. The automatic rewind also makes it retract easily.

The garden hose with reel is very easy to mount and use. The garden hose is made of PVC and Polypropylene with brass couplers, so it is not safe to drink from.

The garden hose reel also serves as a protection for the hose.


  • Contains a reel for easier use
  • Has 7 different function nozzles
  • Automatic lock and rewind feature
  • Easy to mount and use

● Not safe to drink from● Quite expensive
  5    Melnor Flat

While some hoses come with sprinklers, others act like soakers in that water is not directly applied to the plant. Rather, it’s applied to the base of the plant to improve growth and lower the spread of diseases.

In such cases, the Melnor flat stands out as the best choice. It’s a very flexible and flat tool, capable of weaving through plants and obstacles. It has a standard fitting size of 3/4 inch with lengths of about 25, 50 and 75 feet. Also, the cap of the hose can be removed to attach multiple hoses making it versatile.

To avoid exposure to harsh conditions, the Melnor flat can be installed in the garden by burying it under the soil, but note that excessive weight affects performance. The installation underground is necessary to avoid wear of the hose, due to extreme weather conditions.

 Alternatively, the hose should be rolled up and properly stored. Its flat nature makes it easy to fold and store, which solves the problem of where to store garden hose in winter.

The Melnor flat garden hose is made of PVC, ABC plastic and polyester, and it comes with a limited two-year warranty.


  • Very flat and flexible
  • Easy to fold and store
  • More hoses can be attached to increase the length
  • Affordable


  • Warranty is limited
  • Susceptible to wear and punctures

  6    Gilmor Vinyl

Many regard the Gilmor Vinyl as the best sprinkler hose available. It is efficient in the art of delicately watering fresh grasses.

It is a versatile choice for various activities that require water sprinkling. It’s also efficiently used for soaking as well simply by repositioning the hose.

The Gilmor Vinyl is made in China from recycled plastics and it is much more comfortable to use than other sprinklers or soakers.

Gilmor Vinyl garden hose can spray about 4 to 5 feet on either side of the center at full power. The hose measures 5/8 inch in diameter and 50 feet in length.

If you need more reach, Gilmor Vinyl ha got you covered. You can attach up to three more hoses to it. Comes with a lifetime warranty too.


  • Best sprinkler hose
  • Can be used as soakers too
  • Long spray distance
  • More hoses can be attached to increase the length
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  7    Forever Steel Garden Hose

The Forever Steel garden hose is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty, but lightweight hose, used for different purposes in the garden and away.

To help it fulfill these purposes, it is made to be very durable, versatile and very easy to move around with. It also possesses an almost kink-free nature while being nail and thorn proof.

Like being nail and thorn proof isn’t enough, Forever steel garden hose is also tear-proof, leak-proof and UV resistant, making it cool in the summer, and freeze-proof in the winter.

The model comes in a 5/8 inch diameter and 25-foot length. For a longer reach, multiple hoses can be connected together. It also supports different sprayers for numerous uses.

The interior of the hose is made from latex and the outside of the hose is protected from scratches and leaks by polyester. The hose also contracts when not in use, making it easy to move about.


  • It’s a multi-purpose hose
  • Really lightweight
  • Kink free and resistant to puncture
  • UV resistant


  • The model comes only in one length

Choosing a garden hose

Sometimes, it’s not just about picking a good hose but selecting one that suits your specific needs. And for that reason, some considerations must be made.

Discover how to effectively decide which garden hose suits you from our compiled purchase guide.

Factors to consider

Don’t be deceived by the name; garden hoses are not only used in gardens. Some owners don’t even have gardens at all.

It is, therefore, necessary that you establish what you intend to use the hose for. You might intend to use it for your flowers, or maybe to spray your car, whatever the need, be certain before getting one.


The length of the garden hose needed is an important factor to consider before getting a hose. For a modest-sized garden, there is no point in getting a really long garden hose when a shorter one can effectively cover the entirety of the garden.

Different models of hoses come in different ranges of length, so, you may easily go for the size that perfectly suits your needs.


Different materials are also used in making these hoses. Some, for their lightweight and cheapness, and others, for their resistance to kink and wears.

Getting familiar with these materials would increase your chances of landing the perfect garden hose.

  • Polyurethane: This is a material that combines the best properties of both plastic and rubber. Hoses made from this material usually have a high resistance to tear. However, they are not the best garden hose you can drink from.
  • Stainless Steel: Hoses made from steel are available in different grades, and conveniently retain any shape you require. They can withstand the highest temperature range of about -270 to 700oC. Furthermore, they are resistant to puncture damage and last long.
  • Rubber and Vinyl: These materials are lightweight and relatively cheap. The only exception is heavy-rubber which is quite expensive and heavy. Light rubber and vinyl wear easily but the heavy rubber lasts quite long. They all are susceptible to kink.


Garden hoses also come in different types, suited for different gardens and purposes. Thus, deciding on the type of garden hose to use is also very important.

The major types of garden hoses are the spray hose, the soaker hose, and the sprinklers.

  • Spray Garden Hose: The spray hoses are the most commonly used in the gardens. It comprises a hose attached to a faucet, to control the flow of water. Water comes out of the hose in a single flow, and they are very versatile as they could be attached to a sprinkler.
  • Soaker Garden Hose: The soakers are also ideal in gardens where plants are planted in rows. They are mostly installed underground and work better on plants that prefer damp soil to direct watering. Such gardens include rose gardens and vegetable plantation. This type of garden hose also reduces the risk of diseases attacking plantations.
  • Sprinkler Garden Hose: Sprinkler hoses act as normal sprinklers but are able to cover longer distances at a time due to their lengths. They normally come with nozzles, containing small holes where water comes out from when connected to the faucet and turned on. It’s best used for new grasses and big gardens.


– What type of garden hose is best for multipurpose use?

The sprinklers tend to be the best for multipurpose use because they mostly comprise of spray hoses with sprinkler nozzles. Spray hoses can also be used as soakers.

– Can garden hoses freeze?

Yes, some garden hoses do freeze occasionally from very low temperatures. It’s advisable to get advanced models that comes with UV protection that keeps hoses from freezing.

– How do I decide which garden hose to buy?

Deciding on a garden hose must be done after establishing what you actually need one for. Then get one that suits those needs.

– How do I know if a garden hose is drinking safe?

They are usually indicated in the packaging to be certified drinking safe by NSF and FDA. Any hose without an indication is not safe to drink from.

– Can a garden hose be repaired?

It’s not advisable to repair garden hose as they tend to develop faults easily. Garden hoses with reels cannot be repaired at all.

Taking time to find out the perfect hose, rather than opting for a cheaper low-grade hose from the store would surely pay off with time.

A hose that is difficult to move about, kinks easily, or does not have adequate protection from UV radiation, is one you don’t want to own.

Wrapping it all up

If there’s anything I’ve learned, the best garden hose you can buy isn’t always the one with the finest features. Rather, it is that particular one that perfectly suits your needs.

Take your time to choose that hose that perfectly suits your needs today and save yourself from worries later on. Besides, gardening is meant to be fun and enjoyable.

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