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Sharpening Up Those Edges: How To Edge A Lawn

So you’re out on a hot day, mowing your lawn. You’ve gotyour grass looking nice and even. Heck, the lawn looks better than it has in along time, even!

But there’s something off about your lawn, isn’t there? Youaren’t able to quite put your finger on it at first. Is it the length of yourgrass?

Or maybe it’s your edges!

But how do you fix them?

WhatIs Edging?

Lawn edging is the act of cleaning the edge of grass lines.Like the picture above, an edged lawn is one that looks clean and neatly cut.You can usually spot edged lawns in golf courses or very finely kept yards fromwell to do neighbors, but there’s nothing wrong with having an edged lawnyourself!

The way edging works is by the use of a grass-cutting toolsuch as a lawn edger or a string trimmer. You can also use handheld tools, butthat makes the job take a lot longer. Whichever way you do it, the end resultis always an eye-turner.

WhyDo You Need To Edge Your Lawn?

You don’t NEED to edge your lawn, but you’ll surely want to!Edging your lawn not only makes it look nicer, but it gives your yard pizzazz.Not many people giving lawn edging the time of day, so you’ll stand out as theperson with the clean edges and neatly cut grass.

Not only that, but you can reduce stress by edging yourlawn. Think about it; you have a hard day at work and take it out by edgingyour shaggy lawn. Sometimes, just the feeling of trimming edges helps more thananything!

HowDo You Do It?

  1. Mow Your Grass With A Lawn Mower – Yes, you need to first mowyour grass before you edge your lawn. The reason for this is because youneed your grass to be clean and even in order for edging to go throughlike a breeze. Visit http://currysupply.com/. You’ll be happy with how easy edging can be when your lawnis freshly cut.

Not only that, but mowing grass canhelp you see how short the grass is and how low you need to trim. This helpsmaking the trimming much more even and neat looking. Plus there’s no chance ofhorrible scalping in your front or back yard!

  1. Pick Your Tools – This depends entirely on howyou want to edge your lawn. Do you want to use machinery, or would yourather do it handheld? Either way works, but you should know the pros andcons of both.

When using machinery to edge yourlawn, you’re bound to finish a whole lot faster. However, it may not be asefficient with handheld edging. When you use your hands, you’re more efficient,but slow.

Once you get past the actual edgingbit, you’ll need either a lawn edger or a string trimmer to do the cuttingpart. Trimmers are much stronger than edgers, but edgers are arguably bettertools for the job. Find here The Dublin Roofers Company. After all, it’s literally in their name!

  1. Carve Your Path – Regardless of your preferencefor tools, you’ve now come to the point where you must carve your path.Machinery and handheld tools will require you to stab the ground that theedge begins and cut along the grass line. Don’t go too deep or you’ll riskscalping your lawn.
  2. Follow Your Path – Once your path is carved,now’s the time that you get your trimmer and follow along it as you trim.Be sure you walk on the harder surface while you do this, as it willprovide you more support. More support means a stronger trim.

If you have weeds that are overgrownon the edge, following your path slowly will help you. The string trimmer orlawn edger will cut at delicate paces as to not ruin your job. Just followslowly and you’ll be fine.

  1. Steady Your Trimmer – Cutting all those weeds could throw your balance off if you’re not careful. Keep your trimmer or edgersteady as you cut. Otherwise you may hurt yourself accidently or damageyour lawn.
  2. Don’t Stray From Your Direction – Once you start edging, don’tstray to the other direction. Keep going the way you started or else you’llruin your flow. Don’t lose patience, just keep on going.

The end result will be worth it!


And that does it!

Edging your lawn isn’t as difficult as you think it is. Itshould take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how largeyour lawn is. And once your complete with your edging, you’ll be left withsomething that you can be proud of; a clean and freshly trimmed lawn.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start edging!

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