Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yard Of 2021

I don’t know about you guys, but I live in a very small house. And coming with my small house is a very small yard. Granted, I still need to tend to it very often or else it will grow into a jungle. So I need a lawn mower that is suited to cut my yard.

But where and how do I decide which model to bring home?

Why I consult the internet, of course!

Best lawn mower for small yard

Scroll on down to check out our list of the best lawn mowers for small lawns!

What Types of Lawn Mowers Can I Choose From?

Let’s go over some of the basics of grass-cutting machines, first and foremost. Even if you’re personally a seasoned lawn mower specialist, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a little bit of a light review before making your big purchase. Besides, some of our readers might be totally new to the prospect of buying their own lawn mower. No matter how small the yard, NOBODY wants to deal with scalped grounds. Ignorant buying can be the death of your beautiful front yard!

So let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this passage, shall we?

Here are the different types of lawn mowers you can choose from:

Push-Mowers – Let’s start VERY basic, first of all. Push-mowers are precisely what their name implies. If you’ve ever watched your old man cut grass in his Roll Tide tee on a hot summer afternoon, chances are high that you’ve seen push-mowers before. Heck, you don’t even need personal experience to see them; they’re all over TV!

Push-mowers are insanely easy to use. Depending on whether you typically use gas-power or it you fancy the electrical route, the concept is still the same. You roll the mower over the grass and it cuts everything it passes, no questions asked. It does this by using their eight blades to cut through the grass blades, pulling them toward one stationary blade in the back to give it a nice clean cut.

These babies are more than capable of running for super long time intervals.

Which means that they can tackle lawns of really ANY size!

Self-Propelled Mowers – These mowers are very similar to push-mowers, only they are capable of going on autopilot if need be. They also don’t cut literally EVERY blade of grass they pass, but they can if you make them! There is one major downside to these guys, though. While they are definitely handy and reliable, they are a lot more expensive than typical push-mowers.

But if you can get past that, then they are just as capable of tackling lawns of any size!

Riding Lawn Mowers – You know how your dad was likely using a push-mower during those hot summer afternoons? Well his buddy Tim more than likely rubbed his riding lawn mower in his face, making your old man decide once and for all that he was too old to be pushing a damn push-mower around his yard. “That tears it,” he probably roared as he tossed his old mower in the trash. “I’m buying me one of those lawn tractors!”

What we’re trying to say is that riding lawn mowers are VERY popular with homeowners. And it’s honestly not hard to see why. I mean, if you had to choose between throwing your back out with a push-mower and sitting down and enjoying a cold beer while your riding lawn tractor does all the work…which one would you pick? I know MY lazy butt would be happily sitting in the seat of a riding grass assassin!

But here’s the thing with riding lawn mowers and smaller lawns. Lawn tractors are NOT recommended for incredibly small lawns. The reason for this is because they’re excessively powerful and specifically designed to be used for larger lots. They’re also super expensive, so there’s no point in buying one when your lawn doesn’t need it.

Hover Mowers – Contrary to their name, these lawn mowers sadly do not fly. However, they do use a built-in impeller just above the mower’s sharp choppers. What this impeller does is press incoming air downwards, allowing the chamber to lift itself upward. This creates a “hover” effect, which serves as the ultimate anti-scalping technology to be seen on the market thus far.

This mowers are very light and can move around your lawn with little to no effort. And while they can certainly work well on small lawns, you need to be mindful of the current state of your yard. Due to the sensitive nature of the impeller and hover technology, rugged ground can accidentally break the mower. And with how expensive these little guys are, you REALLY don’t want to break your hover mower!

Robotic Mowers – Yes, these really exist.

The future is nigh, ladies and gentlemen. Robotic lawn mowers are EXACTLY what you think they are. They are programmed to cut your grass without having you accompany it every step of the way. You turn them on by flipping a switch and you mow your lawn by just sitting on your porch and reading the Sunday paper.

If you’re worried about the little guy wandering off and cutting down your neighbor’s azaleas, don’t be. The mower comes with a border wire that you wrap around the edges of your fenced-in lawn. Thanks to that wire, the robotic mower will never cross the boundaries you set forth. Basically, these things are very cool. And they may not be able to handle larger lots, they absolutely can handle small lawns!

Cool, So What Type Is Recommended For Small Lawns?

Since we’ve established that riding lawn mowers are too excessive and hover mowers are too risky, that really only leaves a few options open for us here. All three of the remaining options are fantastic alternatives for the “rejected crew.” And if we’re being honest, there’s no real answer to this question. Everyone will have their own opinions on which type of mower is the absolute best to use for their small lawns.

But from what our research has told us, most homeowners seem to prefer push-mowers above self-propelled mowers and robotic mowers. This might be because they’re typically less expensive to purchase. We can all understand how it can be purchasing tools on a budget. And for the high quality of push-mowers we’ve found, we’d say they certainly make spending money worth while!

Top 10 Lawn Mower For Small yard 2021 – Comparison Table

Brand Type Specs Our Rating
Remington RM130 Trail Blazer Gas Push-Mower 140cc/21” 4.5/5.0
EGO Power+ Electric Push-Mower 56 Volt/20” 4.4/5.0
Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Self-Propelled Mower 82 Volt/21” 4.4/5.0
Greenworks 25022 Electric Push-Mower 12 AMP/20” 4.3/5.0
Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Electric Push-Mower 12 AMP/14” 4.1/5.0
Troy-Bilt TB330 Gas Push-Mower 163cc/21” 4.1/5.0
BLACK+DECKER BEMW472ES Electric Push-Mower 10 AMP/15” 4.1/5.0
Fiskars 6208 Reel Push-Mower 17” 4.0/5.0
Greenworks Twin Force 25302 Electric Push-Mower 40 Volt/20” 3.9/5.0
Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 Robotic Lawn Mower 110 Volt Outlet Charge 3.9/5.0

Our Top 10 Lawn Mower For Small Yard Recommendations:
  1    Remington RM130 Trail Blazer

Coming in first place on our list of best lawn mowers for small lawns of 2021 is none other than the Remington RM130 Trail Blazer. Remington, you say? Aren’t they a firearm company? What are they doing making lawn mowers?
No no, it’s not the same company!
This Remington company specializes in power tools ranging from chainsaws to leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, and even snow throwers. This brand is essentially known amongst the riding lawn mower and self-propelled cutter crowds, as Remington only seems to sell push-mowers. But the push-mowers they sell? Top-notch by every stretch of the word! I mean look at it now. It’s the best lawn mower for small spaces on this list!
For starters, the Remington RM130 Trail Blazer is extremely quiet, which is great for both your ears as well as everyone else’s. Secondly, it mulches just as well as it mows…meaning it’s top of the line! This baby can roam the yard with such ease that a swan would cry. There aren’t any gas mowers that can beat this bad boy!
The only downsides?
It spits out noxious fumes whenever it’s cutting, which is bad for the environment.
Plus it’s pretty expensive.
Pros: Quiet motor, Easy handling, Mulches very well, Perfect for very tall grass
Cons: Expensive, Not very good for the environment
  2    EGO Power+

Second place this time around is awarded to the EGO Power+. A popular staple with EGO mowers is typically their super strong batteries. This mower is no exception, as it charges at an incredibly fast rate and depletes at a super slow rate. Just imagine all the grass-cutting you can get done during that time! I mean, you got a strong battery backing an already domineering piece of technology. Why not conquer your yard in the meantime?
Even though this is a lightweight mower, it’s still made out of grade A materials. Not to mention that EGO is a popular and well-respected name brand. Which means, unfortunately, that the price of this mower is rather high in comparison to other electric push-mowers. Hey, if it’s a good mower, then it’s worth the money anyway, am I right?
Pros: Lightweight, Uber powerful mower, Battery charges quickly, Makes for easy storage
Cons: Expensive
  3    Snapper XD 82V MAX

Third on our list of the best lawn mowers for small lawns is the Snapper XD 82V MAX. It should be worth noting that this is the only self-propelled lawn mower on a list almost completely dominated by push-mowers. This just goes to show that the market declares this beauty the best self-propelled lawn mower for small yards. So for those of you who really, really don’t want to be burdened by the task of walking your mower all over the yard, this baby’s got you covered!
The Snapper XD 82V MAX is also made of some of the strongest materials that be used on lawn mowers. Most grass-cutters are made with plastic materials, which drops the price way down on your purchase…but at the cost receiving a mower that will easily break! By making this bad-boy a metal mower, you promise yourself a lawn mower that will last many years. It may make your purchase a bit pricier than normal, but the extra money is worth it!
This powerhouse also has seven different height settings, catering to homeowners of all shapes and sizes. And if you need to adjust your mower blades, that’s as easy as pie with the built in mechanics that allow you easy access to the blade’s main hub. All in all, the Snapper XD 82V MAX is a highly recommended lawn mower for any person’s lawn. If push-mowing isn’t your thing, this baby is waiting just for you!
Pros: Strong materials, Powerful motor, Easy blade adjustment, Seven different height settings
Cons: Expensive, Heavyweight
  4    Greenworks 25022

At number four on our list, we have the Greenworks 25022. Despite being behind three other entrants, this lovely electric push-mower is less expensive than those mowers, making it the best inexpensive lawn mower for small yards. And with it being a Greenworks product, you can guarantee that you’d be doing the environment a major favor in purchasing this beauty. Ozone friendly everyday, baby!
The Greenworks 25022 works partly as a grass-cutting and an expert mulcher. Not everyone is a fan of bagging, so this is the mower for you if you’re one of those people. It also is very light, making it easy to store once you’re done mowing. And with as quiet as a mouse as this electric push-mower is, nobody will ever know what you’re up to in those early hours of the morning!
Pros: Inexpensive, Lightweight, Quiet motor, Mulches very well
Cons: May need extra trips to tackle taller grass, Weak materials
  5    Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe

Number five on our list is the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe. After seeing a bunch of familiar faces on this list, it’s refreshing to see a hopeful newcomer come out to a sufficient rank. And what an appearance to make on our list of best lawn mowers for small lawns! But what makes it one of the best?
Quite a few things, actually!
First off, this bad boy is light as a feather. Regardless of how physically strong you are, you can lug this thing around like it’s nothing. You can also put it together with no problem whatsoever. That’s a massive relief to most of us; especially if it’s your first lawn mower. And with how quiet the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe is, you’ll never have to worry about waking up your neighbors!
The best thing about the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe is its nifty grass-catching technology. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. There’s a small bag attached to this mower that sucks up all your grass, making your lawn even fresher and cleaner looking than ever before. How neat is that?
Pros: Inexpensive, Easy assembly, Lightweight, Quiet motor, Grass-catching technology
Cons: Weak materials, Doesn’t handle rough terrain too well
  6    Troy-Bilt TB330

Coming in at number six on our list is another household name mower. For years, this company has provided us some of the greatest mowers ever used. From small lawns to big lawns and from clean grass to Bermuda grass, there has only been a few select brands who have created mowers that can do it all. Troy-Bilt is one of those brands, and we have picked one of their best push-mowers for this list.
This is the Troy-Bilt TB330.
This gas push-mower is quite possibly the easiest mower to use on this list. There have even been some buyers who have referred to this beauty as “boring” due to how easy it is to use! To that statement, we have to wonder if “boring” is necessarily an insult when it comes to lawn mowers. I mean, c’mon. They cut grass and they do it well! Should we be petitioning for more lawn mowers to put out house fires or something?
Just imagine that hashtag for a moment.
I dare you.
Pros: Solid performance, Powerful motor, Cuts evenly every time, Very easy to use
Cons: Expensive

The seventh mower to make it onto our list is none other than the BLACK+DECKER BEMW472ES. Ah, another fan favorite in the grass-cutting department! And what a beauty they’ve brought for us today. I mean, just look at that design.
Absolutely gorgeous.
This lovely mower is incredibly easy to put together upon delivery. The instruction booklet is very simple to understand. Heck, even I can understand it…and I’m TERRIBLE at putting contraptions together! And best of all is the fact that this machine absolutely slaps when it gets to cutting your grass!
By “slaps,” I of course mean it as a good thing!
Pros: Inexpensive, Easy assembly, Lightweight, Smooth handling
Cons: Bag gets clogged easily
  8    Fiskars 6208

Number eight on our list is the Fiskars 6208. Out of all of the push-mowers on this list, this mower is the first one completely powered by reels. This means that you don’t have to worry about charging a battery or filling up the oil or gasoline. That’s right, my green crew out there. As opposed to the environmentally oblivious nature of the Remington RM130 Trail Blazer, the Fiskars 6208 proves to be an eco-friendly alternative that is still capable of kicking unwanted grass in the rear.
Pros: Inexpensive, Can handle rugged grass like a champ, Environment-friendly
Cons: Heavyweight, Struggles with hills and slopes
  9    Greenworks Twin Force 25302

Coming in ninth place on our list is the Greenworks Twin Force 25302. Another entry from Greenworks, this mower is a slightly more advanced version of the Greenworks 25022. It has all of the amazing perks of that mower and much more! Unlike the earlier model, this mower has a much stronger battery. Much like the EGO Power+, the battery runs down at a shockingly slow pace. If you’re able to somehow run the battery down, then charges right back up in no time at all!
But the reason this mower is at number nine is due to the fact that it’s much more expensive than the Greenworks 25022. Not to mention that the Greenworks 25022 is a lot better on rough ground than the Greenworks Twin Force 25302 is.
Pros: Quiet motor, Lightweight, Mulches very well, Battery charges very quickly
Cons: Expensive, Isn’t too great with rugged lawns
  10    Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. Husqvarna made a damn robo mower!
Last but certainly not least on our list is the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310. Yes, we’ve finally got a robotic lawn mower to present you lovely readers. Isn’t it beautiful?! No longer do we have to wonder about these enigmatic creations.
Now we can actually talk about them in reference to our actual list!
The Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 is a very impressive piece of machinery, as it’s operated with a border wire as well as an app for your phone. Don’t worry, the app works splendidly! The border wire sometimes messes up, though. Some users have reported needing to adjust it ever so often, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; just annoying.
Pros: User interface is pinpoint, Cuts evenly, Maintenance needed rarely
Cons: Expensive, Border wire sometimes needs adjusting

Concluding Thoughts

That’s how the cookie crumbles, ladies and gentlemen! When trying to pinpoint the top ten best lawn mowers for small lawns, we’ve concluded that eight of them are push-mowers. And out of those eight push-mowers, only one rose above the rest and secured the number one spot on this list. That winner was the Remington RM130 Trail Blazer.
A titan brand amongst push-mower enthusiasts, this baby has proven to give all the more “versatile” brands a run for their money. I mean c’mon, you’ve got handling so smooth that you swear your mower’s asking for your hand in a lively front yard tango! And with a motor so quiet that your infant son could sleep through your rigorous morning mow, the Remington RM130 Trail Blazer promises a thorough and efficient cutting to grass of any kind. Whether it be clean grass or rugged Bermuda, you know you got a friend in Remington today.
If you’re someone that would prefer something that requires less work to use, we’ve also got the options one self-propelled mower (the Snapper XD 82V MAX) and even a robotic lawn mower (the Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310). At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. If you know how you most effectively cut grass, then you know what kind of mower you ought to get. So what are you waiting for?
What lawn mower are you going to take home with you?

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