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Things to Know about Leaf Blowers

If you have been using traditional methods to clear out leaves from your backyard, you may want to try something new. Manually sweeping or raking leaves can be tiring and time-consuming. Can you imagine spending an entire afternoon sweeping the leaves in your backyard? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just spent the time doing something more productive? You can save more time and focus on more important things by getting a leaf blower for your personal use. 

What is a Leaf Blower? 

When we speak of a leaf blower, we are talking about a device that uses air to move debris such as grass cuttings and leaves easily. This is a gardening tool that can help you pile those leaves together in a breeze and suction all of it for disposal. This can either be powered by gasoline or electric motors and are available in different types. It is recommended that you check PrimeReviews.org to know more about the best brands to go for. 

Different Leaf Blower Types

You are free to choose the type that you are most comfortable with. The only usual factor that has a huge impact on selection would be its intended use. So it helps to know the different types of leaf blowers to help you determine whether you are getting the right one for you.

Handheld Leaf Blower

This is a type that is recommended for small spaces like gazebos, porches, and small gardens. This is a type that you can operate with the use of one or both hands. It is fairly light and easy to carry so you do not have to worry about your mobility. However, given its size, it does not have enough power to blow larger-sized debris and can only accommodate sawdust, dust, snow, leaves, and objects of the same size.

Backpack Leaf Blower 

This is a step up from the handheld leaf blower. This is ideal for those who want to cover a much bigger area like large shops, garages, fields, and commercial establishments. Its capability to pick up and blow metal shavings, twigs, pebbles, wet leaves is remarkable as compared to the handheld type. So if you are looking for something that is a lot better than the handheld type but does not go over the line and is still easy to use and carry around, the backpack leaf blower can be the right choice for you. 

Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

As compared to the first two types, this is one with the best blowing and suction capability. This has extreme power, blowing, and suction abilities as it can pick up cardboard, heavy paper garbage, leaves, and other items of the same size easily. This is often used in industrialized settings or in any situation that requires a higher need for power.  

Leaf Blower Power Sources

Your leaf blower can be powered by direct electricity or batteries. There are pros and cons to each side so it is up to you to choose one maid whiz, bergen county nj that will best suit and address your requirements. 


The good thing about KCB Janitors electric-powered leaf blowers is that the power won’t run out. You can continue to do your thing until you are good and finished. While this type gives you an unlimited supply of power, the only limitation you will be able to get would be in its cord. Since you will need to plug the cord into a power supply, you will have to deal with working with a cord in the way. 


Leaf blowers that are powered by batteries are very easy to use because it no longer has to be plugged into a power source. This means that your movement will not be limited by the cord. Instead, you can go on your way and use it to your liking. The batteries that come with these blowers are usually cross-compatible with other tools. Plus, these are very easy to use. The only limitation you will have is

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