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{TOP 5} Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviews Wise

Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviews Wise

What do we mean by the best zero gravity chairs reviews wise, you ask?

It’s simple, folks. We can compose an entire guide dedicated to just the top-rated zero gravity chairs, but we’d be doing you a disservice by doing that. When people want to buy good products online, the first place they typically go to is the reviews. They want to see what everyone else is buying and upvoting. If the majority votes that the product is good for them, then it must be good for you, too!

We aren’t posting the reviews of people in this guide, but we certainly will be showcasing everyone’s favorite picks for a great zero gravity chair!

Before you ask, no.

Zero gravity chairs DO NOT float around aimlessly in the air.

The reason zero gravity chairs are named this way is because the original prototype of this product was made with astronauts in mind. Given the high-stress situation of blasting off into outer space, these chairs are designed to keep the astronauts comfortable while still being both sturdy and supportive for a zero gravity environment. Thanks to the “floaty” feel of the seats, these chairs allow whoever is sitting in them--astronaut or not--feel like a million bucks. And now that these chairs have been made for the general public, all you have to do is buy and recline!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Zero Gravity Chair?

Unlike most chairs, the benefits of relaxing in a zero gravity chair can be felt throughout your entire body instead of just your back, neck, and buttocks. Because your body is evenly laid out over the fabric, all your pressure points can let go of their tension and loosen up. This ultimately results in a straighter spine, less tense muscles, and better airflow to your lungs. And let us not forget that loosened up joints also means better overall blood-flow throughout your body.

Basically, you feel like a brand new person when you relax in one of these chairs!

Just describing it makes us want to rest in one!

Types of Zero Gravity Chair

Because of course there’s multiple types!

There are six different types of zero gravity chairs that exist on the market of comfort. As you’ll notice from the descriptions, some of these chairs are eerily similar. However, they differ in that they are to be used in different locations. This can be for a number of reasons, but we’ll let you find out for yourself!

#1. Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair - This is the most popular type of zero gravity chair, and is the version you’re most likely going to see the most of while in public or in the comfort of other people’s homes. Thanks to the superior padding and strengthen supports, these chairs are perfect for bringing to the beach or swimming pool. In fact, most models of indoor zero gravity chair are built to also support outdoor use. Which hey, if you can find a chair that can do both masterfully, then why not choose it?

#2. Indoor Zero Gravity Chair - Basically the same thing as the previous version, only they aren’t recommended for outdoor use. Some zero gravity chairs, despite still being top-notch quality, are simply not made for outdoors. This is commonly found in chairs that aren’t weatherproof (though there’s still plenty that are marketed as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use). There can also be other reasons for this, as maybe the fabric used in the seat isn’t as resilient to damp environment as other chairs.

#3. Massaging Zero Gravity Chair - If you’ve ever been to an airport or a shopping mall, chances are very high you’ve seen one of these before. They resemble recliner armchairs, but have notably thick padding throughout the cushioning. In the versions found in public, you activate them by inserting money into the designated slot (or using a credit/debit card) and then just sitting back and enjoying the massage. For the home versions, you simply activate your chair by pressing a button on a remote control or on the armrest.

#4. Double/Plus-Sized Zero Gravity Chair - Imagine a loveseat, but in the form of a zero gravity chair! These lovelies are like normal zero gravity chairs, but wide enough (and sturdy enough) to support more than one person at a time. So if you want to show your friends how awesome zero gravity chairs feel, you don’t have to take turns anymore. Just get on together and chill out!

#5. Oversized Zero Gravity Chair - Also known as an extra large (XL) zero gravity chair, these beauties are ideal for those of you who are taller in stature. Those of us who are really short often find comfort in the standard sized zero gravity chairs because we do not require as much leg room as you do. For tall people, normal-sized zero gravity chairs aren’t very comfortable because their body mass isn’t as well supported. But with oversized zero gravity chairs, you get all of the lovely comfort of a normal zero gravity chair...but with double the length!

#6. Orbital Zero Gravity Chair - These particular chairs aren’t as popular due to their inability to recline like most other zero gravity chairs can. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re generally unwanted chairs. There are plenty of people who do not want reclining chairs because of the risk of throwing out their backs. Some people require stable support for comfort, which makes orbital zero gravity chairs perfect for them!

Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviews Wise 2020

Top 5 Comparison Chart


​Our Rating


Available Colors

Loading Capacity

Type of Chair


Editor Choice

 Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio, Pool w/ Cup Holders - Black

Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Light Blue, Navy Blue

250 lbs.

Indoor / Outdoor (Multi-Use)


 Zero Gravity Chair-Blue

Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Gray

300 lbs.

Indoor / Outdoor (Multi-Use)


 Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair Oversize XL Padded Adjustable Recliner with Headrest Support 350lbs, Earth

Earth, Blue, Camouflage, Navy Blue

350 lbs.

Outdoor / Oversized


 AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair, Beige

Beige, Black, Blue, Burgundy

300 lbs.



 Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs Recliner Lounge Patio Chairs Folding Cup Holder 2 Pack(Brown)

Black, Blue, Brown, Multi, Tan

300 lbs.

Indoor / Outdoor (Multi-Use)

Top 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairson The Market Reviews

  1    Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair Recliner

 Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio, Pool w/ Cup Holders - Black

From our extensive research of the best zero gravity chairs reviews wise, we have found the one true winner to rise above the rest. This lovely zero gravity chair recliner by Best Choice Products is precisely what you need to unwind after a long, hard day at the office. Whether you want to stay inside or if you fancy a nice breeze outdoors, this chair has got your back (and legs, and feet, and neck--you get the idea). Thanks to the UV-resistant fabrics and double bungee support crafting, you know that you’re in safe hands when you kick back in this amazing zero gravity chair.

Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with this choice!

It’s in the name, after all!


  • Bought in a set of two​
  • Double bungee supports
  • Overall great value
  • Resistant to UV rays​
  • Has a loading capacity of 250 lbs
  • Headrest is adjustable​
  • Superior locking system​
  • Very durable​
  • Comes in seven different colors​
  •  Has cup and tray holders!


  • Not weatherproof

  2    SunJoy Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair-Blue

This lightweight zero gravity chair is brought to us by the lovable company known as SunJoy. Coming to you now in six delightful colors, this zero gravity chair is just what you need to enjoy a quiet day at your patio, pool deck, or even the beach. The most notable feature on this bad-boy is the adjustable headrest, which is surprisingly rare to find in zero gravity chairs. You can’t go wrong with a feature like that, can you?

This chair practically has your name written all over it!


  • Affordable​
  • Comes in six different colors​
  • Headrest is adjustable​
  • Has a loading capacity of 300 lbs​
  • Very durable


  • Not weatherproof

  3    Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair

 Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair Oversize XL Padded Adjustable Recliner with Headrest Support 350lbs, Earth

This delightful oversized zero gravity chair is the top-rated product representing Timber Ridge. Certainly one of the coziest options mentioned today on this very list, this beautiful item is the ideal zero gravity chair for lower back pain. It’s specifically designed for outdoor use, so you can smile wide in knowing that you can drag this bad-boy to the beach and have an absolute blast catching up on your light novel writing while simultaneously soaking up those juicy rays. No rain, hail, or thunder can take this beast out!

While the price tag may be a bit higher than the other chairs on this list, you have to keep in mind that quality is often hidden behind a pay-wall. And if this guy is priced the way it is (we won’t name specifics, as prices change everyday), then it must mean it’s high quality and therefore worthy of your time and money. Of course, an oversized zero gravity chair is often much more expensive than a normal zero gravity chair. But that’s often due to more materials used in crafting it!


  • Comes with one-year warranty​
  • Fully padded​
  • Weatherproof​
  • Has a loading capacity of 350 lbs​
  • Very durable​
  • Comes in four different colors


  • Can be heavy for some folks
  • Pricey

  4    AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

 AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair, Beige

Next up on our list of the top five best zero gravity chairs reviews wise is this baby from AmazonBasics. Strong enough to hold people up to 300 lbs, you know you’re safe in this delightful chair. If you aren’t, for whatever reason, it’s got guaranteed warranty for one year after purchase. Of course, it would be hard to see how anyone wouldn’t be satisfied with this product!

For starters, this padded zero gravity chair is arguably one of the most comfortable options out of the five listed in our guide (behind the number three option, anyway!). Thanks to the supporting fabrics in this recliner, it’s safe to say that AmazonBasics provides us possibly the best zero gravity chair for back pain (again, behind the number three option). Not only is this chair comfortable, it’s also very supportive and powerful due to the double bungee reinforcement. To top it all off, this bad-boy is very much weatherproof, so no worries about rust damage!

So why is this zero gravity chair ranked only at number four on this list?

Some people who have purchased this product have complained about it being an oversized zero gravity chair, despite technically not being one. While this chair only weighs in around 16-17 lbs, some customers have brought up the point that not all people will be able to carry this chair with ease. This certainly isn’t a massive complaint. However, it does let you know that weight may be an issue with this chair--therefore preparing you for in the case in which you buy it yourself.


  • Has a loading capacity of 300 lbs​
  • Comes in four different colors​
  • Comes with one-year warranty​
  • Support is double bungee reinforced​
  •  Very durable​
  • Affordable​
  • Weatherproof


  • Can be heavy for some folks

  5    Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chair

Polar Aurora Zero Gravity Chairs Recliner Lounge Patio Chairs Folding Cup Holder 2 Pack(Brown)

From the brilliant minds of the folks over at Polar Aurora, this zero gravity chair recliner is a fine addition to any home. Light and ready for transport, this chair can be utilized in just about any setting, whether it be outside or inside. You can also rest assured that this guy won’t let you down (literally and figuratively), as it’s got a loading capacity of up to 300 lbs. Anything heavier than that may be a stretch, but this chair is durable enough to handle most predicaments!

Of course, there are downsides to being such a strong, durable zero gravity chair. What brings this product down to number five on this list is the fact that it may not be the best zero gravity chair for back pain. Depending on how sensitive your joints and muscles are, you may end up being even more uncomfortable sitting in this chair. Of course, that entirely depends on you and doesn’t reflect on everyone looking to buy this chair.


  • Has a loading capacity of 300 lbs​
  • Very durable​
  • Affordable​
  • Multi-purpose design​
  • Comes in five different colors​
  • Has cup and tray holders!


  • Fabric may not be as comfortable as other chairs

Tips On Opening Your Zero Gravity Chair

Some of you may be thinking, “Huh? You’re REALLY going to teach us how to open chairs, now? Have you no faith in us whatsoever?!” Don’t misunderstand our intention, folks. We simply want to acknowledge the fact that these chairs can be a bit complicated to open at times. Due to the sensitive nature of zero gravity chairs, they can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to opening. Some may open smoothly, others may spring fast. Others may even fall apart--you never know!

So here’s a brief list of instructions for your convenience:

#1. Find Your Placement: First, you want to know where you want to put your zero gravity chair recliner. We know this is a very “duh” statement for us to make, but hear us out first. As you may know by now, not all zero gravity chairs are made for both indoor and outdoor use. You don’t want to try using your indoor chair for outdoor purposes, as you’ll risk damaging it before you can even get any use out of it. So be sure to pinpoint the location of your relaxation before you even think about opening your brand new zero gravity chair recliner!

#2. Open Up: Since most zero gravity chairs are folded, this part normally starts off easy enough. Like you would any lawn chair, just pull the two halves apart. Of course, you should be mindful to do this at an easy pace. After all, you don’t want to do it too fast and risk the chair opening faster than you’re able to move yourself. Or worse, have the chair completely fall apart!

#3. Fasten The Lock: After you’ve gently lowered the halves of your zero gravity chair recliner, be sure to fasten the chair’s locks. If you don’t, then you’ll risk being closed into (or “eaten by”, as some of us say) the unsecured zero gravity chair. Each chair is different when it comes to the location of the locks, but they’re generally in areas that are easy to find. Sides of chair, behind the seat, in the legs--you get the general idea.

#4. Test It: Once your locks are properly fastened, give your zero gravity chair recliner a once-over just to make sure that the springs are holding up properly and that the fabric is strong enough to support your body weight. While most zero gravity chairs are sold at their best condition, there can be some duds in the mix that don’t work the way they should. Even if the chair you purchased is confirmed to not be a dud, you should still check the condition every time you want to sit in it. After all, the condition can wane over time and you wouldn’t want to be unprepared for the day that your chair falls apart from underneath you!

#5. Enjoy!: Once your chair passes all the right tests, gently sit yourself down and recline. Regardless if your outside or inside, you’ll soon feel all of the tension leave your body. It will feel almost like you’re lying on a cloud--a cloud you may never want to leave. Hey, we wouldn’t blame you if stayed for a longer time than originally planned!


What would be the best place to put a pillow?

How do I clean my chair if it gets dirty?

How do I lean back without the chair coming back up before I’m done?

Concluding Thoughts

There you have it, folks.

The five best zero gravity chairs as pick by your own peers!

A true zero gravity chair is one that keeps you comfortable despite all of the pain going through your body. Your chair’s purpose is to sap that pain clean from your being and replace it with feelings of happiness of calm. When you lay into this beautiful chair, you’re supposed to feel like the weight of the world has finally left your shoulders. You can now dream and smile without an annoying crick attacking your neck or back. You can laugh joyfully knowing that this list of the top five best zero gravity chairs reviews wise has not let you down in guiding you to a much brighter (and cozier) tomorrow.

If your chair hasn’t done that for you, then it hasn’t met its full potential and lived up to its name!

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